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On-Court Programs

An effective platform to attract children to a fun and optimistic learning environment for healthier minds and bodies which Increase Opportunities for Success!

Rewards For Work

Designed to bring children & Parents closer together while learning how to create a better life

Children & Parents Volunteer to work with neighborhood community partners and each earn rewards

Off-Court Programs

Focus on Individual Economic Education for participants. Goals include improving personal and family economic circumstances, purchasing real estate, and improving the community.

* Entrepreneur Kiosks

* Purchase distressed Real Estate, renovate with local labor apprenticing with urban business partners to learn a skilled trade. Combine with Fiscal Literacy Education.

* Rent to Home Ownership Opportunities for local families, combine with property management training & Fiscal Literacy.

* Mobile LED Billboard Trucks. Promote programs & partners, Broadcast Economic Empowerment, Personal Responsibility, & Healthy Habits, & Remote Hiphop Basketball Events with BBQ & Balloons

* Become a Hub for Urban Youth & Local Businesses. As well as withgroups like the Ybor Rotary Club. We match a person’s passion with a company in that industry to assist young adults with jobs, training, and education. In a short time we have already achieved measurable results in this area. A current off-court program member attends HCC as a graphic artist. The HHB Foundation introduced her to Fast Lane Clothing where she interviewed and was hired to design T-shirts.

* Ongoing Individual Wealth Creation Education. Program participants will be offered economic educational opportunities within HHBBF Programs as well as with our business partners. Economic education concentrates on creating personal wealth, family budgeting, and savings. Business partners contribute in classroom settings and with back office tours of their company.

* Rich in Faith & Rich in Wealth. The HHB Foundation believes it is important to be economically independent enough for parents to care for their families life’s needs. However, it is not enough to be rich in wealth, for a complete life one must also be rich in faith in God.